We continually exercise our core expertise — performance improvement — by delivering award-winning sales enablement and training programs, interactive games and contests, and innovative learning reinforcement. Click to view samples of our work.


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BAE Systems

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Deloitte Automation 360

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Redis Labs

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Video Training

This video uses a “virtual meeting” and a bit of humor to illustrate how bad data can impact a business and its customers. It then introduces the benefits of DaaS in the context of customer objections.

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These 22 microlearning modules are considered essential training for direct and indirect sales reps. Wherever possible, the modules include examples inspired by real customer situations.


Eight microlearning modules prepare the Plantronics hardware sales team to sell new SaaS solutions. The curriculum supports a worldwide sales organization with audio and visuals in seven languages.

Sales Conversation Guide

This field sales tool provides “at a glance” conversation prompters and strategies for managing conversations with different buyers.

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Business Strategy Training

This 10-minute video gives the customer’s worldwide salesforce a concise overview of current business strategy.

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This whiteboard video series demonstrates how sales can use simple graphics and keywords to facilitate a customer conversation.


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This curriculum aligns sales manager coaching skills and resources with the needs of account managers as they adapt their selling motion to target new buyers. The program includes a series of microlearning modules and a manager toolkit.

Manager Toolkit

This Toolkit is a single source for coaching tools and resources that are designed to ensure success for account managers.

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Video Training

This series of video training modules helps sales managers to achieve operational excellence around business initiatives, strategy, and tools.

Classroom Training

This program represented a significant shift in the customer’s sales management strategy and was awarded the Brandon Hall GOLD award in Sales Excellence. The program begins with a two-day classroom training session followed by a series of microlearning modules designed to reinforce key learnings and the use of new management tools.

SFDC Support

This web-based on-demand sales tool provides just-in-time instructions for completing monthly reporting.

Coaching Roadmap and Landing Page

This infographic walks sales managers through best practices for coaching performance. With the goal of reinforcing newly learned skills, the landing page provides updates and resources that help to ensure manager alignment with the program.


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Partner Alliance Program

This video series provides an overview of Deloitte’s technology alliances with key partners including Informatica, QLIK, SaaS, Tableau and UiPath. The videos are hosted on the Deloitte website.

Partner Awareness

This poster was designed to create top-of-mind awareness with key partners. The tool highlights new product features and competitive selling tips, and was accompanied by a “Race Car” themed T-shirt.

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Partner Training

This series of 22 product videos prepares HP direct and indirect sales reps to sell JetAdvantage print solutions. Every video is accompanied by a slide presentation and script that reps can download from the HP JetAdvantage portfolio page.


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This series of “clue” videos is designed to motivate sales performance and to promote healthy competition leading up to the customer’s annual sales event.

SKO Game

These three interactive games were displayed on 52” touchscreens around the event floor, creating a fun, competitive environment to kick off this sales event while reinforcing adoption of the new Challenger Sales approach.

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New Product Concepts

Some ideas are best communicated with images rather than words. That’s the case here. The customer used this video to present a new idea to business leaders.

SKO Main Stage Presentations

This PowerPoint template was designed for mainstage presentations delivered by sales and marketing at SKO. The template ensured content consistency across all solutions areas and compliance with corporate branding.

SKO Breakout Session

This breakout session activity featured an instant polling app to set up customer scenarios followed by small group role plays and feedback sessions.

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Customer Success Stories

In this video series, sales reps share their customer stories and winning strategies. The videos were featured at their annual sales meeting.